We are using Netmail Archive to archive all messages at day 14, then we use a job to purge the message from the post office at day 180 (actually the Sunday following day 180). In the past our users have come to like that in Caching mode, they were able to keep items older than 180 days, as long as they did not get a new PC or have to rebuild their cache. Recently we have noticed that the clean-up is extending to the caching mailboxes as well. For instance, in my own cache, I only have items dating back to mid-September which lines up with our 6 month deletion policy.

The problem is, when I look at my Client Options > Environment Options > Cleanup, I do not have checks in the boxes next to "Perform maintenance purges on caching/remote" or "Force synchronization of cleanup options to caching/remote". It seems like with these unchecked it should be leaving my caching mailbox alone. I can even see where between Sunday and Monday, large numbers of items are moved to my trash when the delete job runs.