Since the beginning of ZCM I hate the function that the checkbox "Include subfolders" is ALWAYS reset after a search for Workstation, Bundle, Users.

Enhancement request had been issued years ago.

Now I searched again and found a file which is most likely involved in search:
D:\Novell\ZENworks\share\tomcat\webapps\zenworks\j sp\core\objects\Search.jsc


Searching the whole directory for appearances of "Include subfolders" and "Unterordner einbeziehen" the only logical files found are: "D:\Novell\ZENworks\resources\properties\com\novel l\zenworks\core\web\internal\resources\CoreInterna" (and Along with the string you will find the variable "". And this variable can be found on line 54 of file "Search.jsc".

So I assume that you just have to predefine a value to true (or false) in order to always mark the checkbox? But I do not understand the Java syntax.

Does anybody have a clue and share it with the community?

Thanks Klaus