I am wondering if anyone has resolved this deployment issue. This is a major issue during imaging process but also with my environment with students, multiple bundle installs. I have about 40 minutes to get updates or bundles deployed out to Laptops (max) with student computers. During the update process for say Java and Flash I will have both bundles kick off at the same time. I would like to get my bundles to wait if a install is already in process. Outside of having the bundles run in manual mode and deploy using batch scripts, it there a way to get the bundle to hold during a currently in process install?

For my school environment I have the added problem of some student systems may not be turned on during the school day for weeks. If there are ZPM deployment and bundle deployments waiting most will end up failing due to multiple deployments at the same time or that the system just runs out of time. This has been a large source of frustration over there years with this deployment and I have yet to find a good solution.

Any ideas on how best to resolve this?