My server died (NOWS); battery on ups failed; that is all fixed now;

When I first booted it, none of us could log on (I should have just waited a while); I went to Remote Manager and noticed a lot of things not running and loaded them all.

We all logged in.

Later I noticed that when I'm browsing the drives in "My Computer" on Windows XP, instead of just showing the drive it now says "Sys on 'Samba 3.0.36- (Hbwv)' (F:)"

I rebooted the server today after first downing my workstation, and didn't load all the stuff that wasn't loaded after I figured out I didn't need that other stuff like nfserver, etc. I thought by doing this the reference to Samba would go away. After the server booted, I then booted my workstation and logged in, everything working perfectly but still has the Samba reference in the list of Network Drives. Could someone help me get rid of that, thanks.