I have been getting the error "Unable to connect to preboot server. The product license might have expired." for about the last two weeks now. We have been working on building new Windows 7 images to deploy over our Windows XP environment and I've been stumped by this error for quite some time.

I will provide as much information as I can ---

- We're running the ZENworks 11.2 virtual appliance on a VM via VMWare.

- When it did work (last time I know for a fact it did was in November of 2012, last image we made), it had a static IP address.

- Between November and now, the IP has been untouched.

- When I went to update the PRUs, it would not let me do so unless I assigned it a IP via DHCP.

- 'ifconfig' shows nothing out of the ordinary.

- All services are running.

I had checked our entitlement and called regarding the issue and they said everything checked out. Our license is activate until Dec 31st, 2013.

We use USBs to boot into Zen to image, using the standard syntax (img rp/mp xx.xx.xx.xx image;reboot)

At this point, that is when I get the error.

I looked up TID 7004082 and I'm unable to find the log files that it states.

I will provide any additional information that is asked for, I just need to be able to start imaging again.

Thank you!