Hello together!

I intended to provide project-files from an OES2SP3-Server via a NFS-Share in a Vibe-Server with the "mirrored folder" feature.

I configured a mirrored folder in Vibe 3.3. I use the "file"-Method to mirror the NFS-Share from the OES2-Server. I configured the ressource driver via using the installer. . When I configure the folder "mirrored folder" in Vibe, there are no files, though in the NFS-Share are a lot of them. So I wanted to sync (via the menue: folder/manually sync folder) an get an error message:

I/O-error: /var/opt/novell/teaming/fi/work/d73f9c98-cc33-4cc8-8704-52a0ada27149.mf4 (No such file or directory)

the "mf4" at the end of the error message is createt by the installer as an id for the mirrored folder
the directory does not exist (no "fi/work/...)

I can add files to the mirror folder within Vibe - (e.g. with the java applet) and the files are synced to the OES2-Server. But I see just the n e w files I added within Vibe not the other files ... ?

What am I doing wrong?

Best regards,