Hello. I have Novell-cifs running on OES11-SP1 serving access for Windows bonded to another DSFW server and also some few non-SLED Linux users. The shared volumes are all located on NSS volumes. Bellow is the configuration:

cscoes:~ # novcifs -o
	Server Operational Parameters:
	Server					 - "CSCOES_W"
	Comment					 - ""
	Authentication				 - "Local"
	File Flush				 - Disabled
	LMCompatibilityLevel			 - 0
	Oplocks					 - Enabled
	DFS					 - Disabled
	Unicode					 - Enabled
	Domain Add-on				 - Disabled
	Cross Protocol Lock			 - Enabled
	Auditing				 - Disabled
	Guest Login				 - Disabled
	Subtree Search				 - Enabled
	Maximum Cached Subdirectories Per Volume - 10240
	Maximum Cached Files Per Subdirectory	 - 102400
	Maximum Cached Files Per Volume		 - 256000
	Range Lock Masking			 - Enabled
	Offline caching support at client	 - 0
	Block invalid users from authenticating	 - Disabled (Timeout period - 0 mins)
	SMB Signature				 - Enabled (Optional)
	Info Log				 - Disabled
	Debug Log				 - Disabled
	Dynamic file handle pool		 - Disabled
The first problem is that iManager can't manage the daemon. It says the daemon is stopped and throws an error when I try to start it. As you can see above, I've managed to configure the server normally through the novcifs command. The only tab of iManager that works is that one where you define the search context for the daemon and it updates the configuration files as it should. The AFP counterpart of the same server works fine.

Note that the server object has the nfapCIFSConfigInfo extension.

The second problem is that it is spamming the following messages on both /var/log/messages and /var/opt/novell/logs/cifs.log at a rate of 1 per second. The values (skipped, extra) are always the same.

Mar 19 14:13:22 cscoes CIFS[1383]: EVENT: CODIR: Searched for sub-dirs which can be evicted from cache, evicted: 0, skipped: 3846, extra: 7663

If there is some error on the configuration or one of you guys have seen this before and have some tips on how to solve those problems... or perhaps if I should had used novell-samba instead of novell-cifs.

Anyway thanks in advance.