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Thread: Free OES help available. Please read before posting.

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    Free OES help available. Please read before posting.

    Welcome to the OES Linux Domain Services for Windows forum.

    Here is a list of free OES resources to help you answer your questions and resolve your issues.

    You may be entitled to free installation support within thirty days of purchasing the product or you may be able to open a Service Request to obtain help with your issue at no additional cost if you have purchased maintenance and it is still current. Please refer to the following to see if you are eligible.

    If you still require assistance from our forum volunteers, I encourage you to read the Novell Forums FAQ for posting guidelines. Be sure to post in the appropriate forum.

    These are the OES: Linux sub-forums: Administration, Install, Networking, Printing, Storage and Backup, Linux Web Services, and, Domain Services for Windows.

    If you know or suspect you have a Linux issue, you may find the help you seek in one of the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server forums.

    In addition to any other information you feel is relevant, please include the following with your post using [CODE] tags (i.e. the # formatting option) to make the output more readable:
    • The exact error messages, if any, as they are shown. (You may find other messages and clues in the log files located in /var/log, especially in /var/log/messages.)
    • Output from these commands run from a command prompt.
      • cat /etc/*release
      • uname -a

    Note: Do not reply to this post as this thread has been closed. If you have any comments, or wish to report an issue concerning this post, create a new thread in Feedback About These Forums and be sure to refer to this forum.
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