I run a small office with a NW6.5 server. Back in the day (20 years+), I was a support guy. I've stuck with NW since. I rarely do maintenance, so I'm always rusty. Good sign for NW!

So we upgraded the hardware on our XP workstations twice over the years, but the XP days are setting.

We discussed the next upgrade and decided to try to go right to win 8 if it works. We have Vista on some notebooks, but no windows 7.

So I built up a basic workstation with windows 8. The client installed NP. I can see the network and map some drives.

The issue is when pulling up a file from the server, it loads, then works for a few seconds, then does a long hang. Either Word or Adobe just goes into "not responding" mode for a minute or so. It finally returns after the delay.

I'm guessing the NW server is so far off what Microsoft thinks is a secure server, that it does some sort of security check?

So before I go looking for a client solution, I wanted to make sure there is not some server parameters I need to check. My SPs are a bit old (SP5 I think), but this server is only used internally. I'd rather not load more stuff on the server if I don't need to, but I will if needed.

Any help would be appreciated.