I installed the patch yesterday. Today if I run the SQL from TID 7009993 it
shows 11 patches listed. Will these clear up themselves? I did select the
listed them and ran a recache in patch management but they did not go away
in the query. Readme for patch does not really tell you what to do once the
patch is installed. Mainly does it clear this problem up or do I need to go
in and do the workaround also?

I have had this problem and my system is set to store in the ZPM directory
so it is affecting systems set to the default also.

Jim Koerner
Server - ZCM 11.2.3 and Internal Database on Win2008R2x64
Clients - ZCM 11.2.2 MU1 on Win7SP1x64 and WinXPx32

"Shaun Pond" wrote in message


and I think that the reason it wasn't spotted earlier, is that it only
affects you if you have configured ZPM to store its patches in the
content-repo (which is not the default)


Shaun Pond