first server (zcmp0) in the zone is running Windows 2008 (32bit) and ZCM 10.3.4. This first server is also hosting the db (SQL Server 2005) and uses an external certificate.

However it sometimes has to be rebooted when all user authentication starts to fail, so I suspect adding another server would help.

So I installed a VM running Windows 2008 (64bit) which is called zcmp1) and ZCM 10.3. During the installation, I told it to join the existing zone. It's also using an external certificate, signed by the same CA. Firewalls are disabled on both servers.

In ZCC on zcmp0 and on zcmp1, I see both servers but for zcmp1 I have the message "Unable to connect through IP address or Host name". Also, on zcmp1 in the agent's properties, it says that the zone, DNS and server address are not available. However, last contact with the server was a few hours ago. When on zcmp0 I try a refresh for zcmp1, it says "connected" but nothing else.

Not sure if this has an impact, but the first time I installed ZCM on zcmp1, this server had two IP addresses, but I have since reinstalled with just one.

What can I do at this point? I suspect that zcmp1, in its current state, is not ready at all. I would like to first update it to 10.3.4, then configure it to share the load.

Marc Delisle