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Thread: cannot access QuickFinder management page

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    cannot access QuickFinder management page


    I am picking up the pieces of a project started by my predecessor. My boss wants to see how QuickFinder works. My problem is when I try to access the management page - I get an Object Not Found error. I have tried from my workstation and the server itself.

    The server in question is SLES 10 SP4, OES 2.0.3.

    In Yast I can see a check box next to the QuickFinder pattern. I can also see files and directories in /var/lib/qfsearch, however I do not see the qfsearch symlink in /var/opt/novell/tomcat5/webapps/.

    What should be my next step? Do I just need to run the configure, create, and update scripts in /var/lib/qfsearch/bin?

    Thanks for any insight,

    - Justin
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