(Version 1.24 Build 966 - Groupwise 8 HP3)
I having a heck of a time trying to get a user's calendar sync'd to their device. I had problems with this device in the past, then he received a new one of the same model and upon the "first" time adding his account, all the calendar items sync'd for a while then just stopped again recently. I notice his account has a "Validate" entry listed with his device and do not know if this is causing a issue. Other Android users do not have this Validate entry under devices.

What I have done in order;
Deleted the account from his device, removed him as a user on both connectors, restarted the datasync services, deleted his account manually from the psql database using document #7009929 , Added him back to both connectors and waiting for the account to show sync'd in the monitor window, added his account back to the phone making sure Calendar was selected in the Exchange Account settings.

He gets emails no problem, but there is a 184 items pending for Calendar. When he selects his calendar and then selects the drop down to pick which calendar, it doesn't even show our organization Calendar as a selection.

I have run a gwcheck - statistics on his groupwise account and it has less than 10,000 items total and there is no database corruption recorded.

All other users are working fine with iOS and Android
Thanks in advance for your help,