We have a huge problem with our student zenworks environment of 400+ clients.
The primary server crashed with hardware failure and we cant make it run. We have backup of content-repo and tftp config. files. The database runs on another server with Microsoft SQL Server 2005.
My temporary solution is to install a secondary primary server. So I installed SLES 11 SP2, next ZCM_10.2.0 and heres where I get error and nothing works.
I mounted iso to /tmp/zcm. Added chmod -R 777 to the directory. Run the installation as root with 'sh setup.sh' (even triend terminal based '-e' switch).
Im using the same setting values as the old primary server got. The secondary server has a new IP adress though, but it's on the same vlan. Firewall is off. It's uses the same database login name (zenadmin) and password.
The old primary server had Zenworks Configuration Manager 10.3.4 installed. I only have the setup for 10.2 now and figured it would'nt be a problem and I can upgrade in ZCC later?

Installation steps
New Management Zone (because the old one is down)
Zone Name: NUT_ZONE (same as old one)
The same administrator password
Microsoft SQL Server, Use existing database and the same database name: zenworks_NUT_ZONE
Use SQL server Authentication (Username: zenadmin)
Internal CA
License code for Zenworks Configration Manager


When I start with 'sh setup.sh' i get this message:
Launching installer...

Listening for transport dt_socket at address: 5005
libxcb: WARNING! Program tries to unlock a connection without having acquired
a lock first, which indicates a programming error.
There will be no further warnings about this issue.
libxcb: WARNING! Program tries to lock an already locked connection,
which indicates a programming error.
There will be no further warnings about this issue.

When Installation is done and setup verifies the installation i get this
One or more severe errors occurred during the installation. Please see the log file

I choose Roll back now, but have tried continue aswell. The first time I got to ZCC login screen but could'nt login with administrator. Some error with credentials. Second time, after i reinstalled, I could'nt even get to the ZCC login page.

If I verify Configuration I get this alot
Unable to find credentials for the identity

Here is the installation log
Mirror (1) install_log.zip - Speedy Share - upload your files here
Mirror (2) Sprend
Mirror (3) https://cdn.anonfiles.com/1363870057153.zip

We would be very thankful for any help and pointers.