Situation: SLES 11.2, OES11SP1, DSfW. Home directories are on SLES 11.2, OES11 sp1 machines. The installation went well and we are authenticating against the server. We recently implemented Citrix into our enviornment and we are using DSfW for authentication. My question, is there a way to populate the Home Folder portion of the profile on the AD side of DSfW with the information from eDir. Ex I have a user on server bob and the user profile points to a share on server bob in eDir. I want the home directory information to show up in the home folder portion of AD side of DSfW. The reason I am asking is that I want to redirect Documents from the Citrix server local user to the users home directory and an option in GPO is user home folder.

Any help will be appreciated,

Tim Overdorf
Cedarville University