I have been trying to create a ZCM 11 bootable usb stick and save an image to it. Right now I am trying to create a ZCM 11 image but even to use a WIM image would be ok. I have tried to follow:
Windows 7 Automated Imaging and ZCM Registration | Novell User Communities


ZENworks 11.1 imaging on a USB drive, with an additional partition for large image files | Novell User Communities

I have a bootable CD with our Zcm11 bootcd and proxy image server which works for booting and loading on the imaging server but I have not had any luck making a bootable usb stick let alone one I can also put the image itself on. Our ZCM11 network is a test network and so images could vanish at any time before we put it into production so I need to store it elsewhere.

I have tried just copying the files from the ISO directly to the usb stick but it will not boot. Before you ask, yes the computers will boot from a usb stick and I do that for other things. My environment is strickly Windows 7 (64 bit).

Has anyone else had any luck doing this? How are you doing it? If you use ImageX or Dism and a Wim image, how are you doing that?

Thank you for your help.