Apologies if this is the wrong forum.

I'm trying to create the Trusted App for the Data Synchronizer installation.
GroupWise system is all 8.0.3 HP1 running mainly on SLES11 Sp1 and OES SP1 (couple of Windows servers but they will be moved in a couple of weeks!!).

I have created the TA by using C1 (with 8.0.3 snapins), with me connected to the domain that is running the PO. Following the info and several threads the TA is created with the 3 items; a name, the folder to save the key file to, and the name of the keyfile.

Once this is done, I've copied the key file using WINSCP to the SLES11 server (which is in the DMZ).
When I get to the installation which asks for the TA details, I enter them (manually) and click next. It then verifies the TA, but I get the error "verify of Trusted Application login failed..."

I double and double checked the info. Looking at the POA log file there is no record of the Trusted app at all. No attempt to login, no record of it being created, nothing. So this assume is where the problem lies.

I've checked to make sure proxy is disabled (it was) and that there were no references to servers or folders etc. Also the DS server can connect to the POA server on port 7191 so I know communication is working.

All the TIDS and forum info seem to indicate this is where to look.

Now I'm stumped.....any one got any ideas??

Many thanks