Not sure if this is even possible. I have student laptops that I am having a slight issue with the students closing the lid on the laptop which is either leaving the laptop running or placing the laptop in sleep mode. Some of the students have had the laptop running like this for almost a month. Normally I wouldn't bother with addressing this and just have them reboot if issues were reported. But in this case I have ran into cases that the Power Management policy in place for testing reasons has prevented the laptop from actually sleeping. Leaving the laptop in a bag to "Cook".

Has anyone developed a bundle that would force the system to either run a script upon detecting the laptop lid closing or just shutdown the laptop all together once the lid was closed? Ultimately I would like to have this setup for a timed shutdown event so that if the student does go between classes they have time to cancel the shutdown event but if it times out the laptop shutdown properly instead of sleeping or hibernating. I do have a timed shutdown script built under AutoIT with progress bar and cancel button. I just can't figure out how to integrate this with the lid event.