My default maintenance job (Default POA Mailbox/Library Maintenance), that starts at midnight, runs well into the next day. This causes slow downs in the GW client. To alleviate the symptoms, I'm trying to setup a dedicated database maintenance POA. I have followed the instructions outlined in the following document: Novell Documentation

I however cannot get this to work correctly. The issue I'm having is that the maintenance now runs on both POA's, instead of just the new POA.

On the existing POA, I disabled all the scheduled events and also disabled 'Automatic Database Recovery'. On the new POA, I configured the following:
* disable 'Perform User Upkeep'
* disable 'Generate Address Book for Remote'
* In the agent settings tab, I deselected 'Enable Client/Server'. The document states that the 'Client/Server Handler Threads' have to be set to '0', but '1' is the lowest setting possible
* disable 'QuickFinder Indexing'
* add the /name switch to the POA startup file (on both POA's)

I then installed the POA software on another server. Everything starts up fine and I see no errors in the logs.

I also see that the new POA handles some message traffic. I only want to use it for DB maintenance. But when I turn of 'Message File Processing' on the new POA, I no longer see the scheduled jobs in the POA web interface.

I also rebuild the PO and Domain database, but it didn't help.

Any ideas on how to get the new POA to just handle maintenance and the existing just to handle the other stuff?

Our system:
GW803 HP1
Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1