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Thread: Windows 7 100MB partition imaged as 93MB?

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    Question Windows 7 100MB partition imaged as 93MB?

    Bit of a weird one this, I've captured a "standard" Windows 7 base image that has the 100MB partition as part of it.

    (we want to keep the 100MB if possible as we might need BitLocker further down the line hence why I didn't set up a single partition before starting the Win7 installation)

    I've then gone and captured both partitions using img (selected partitions 1 and 2 but cleared the checkboxes for 3 and 4 as they're empty). After that I've imaged a separate machine. The system boots OK and if I press F8 I can get into the recovery environment and run all the Windows tools etc.

    Problem is (and not sure if it actually is a problem or not) is that when I go into diskmgmt.msc the 100MB partition shows up as 93MB instead... very odd as ZMG Explorer shows it to be 102400KB

    Is this a bug or is there another step I need to do somewhere?

    I could try the extended commands used on the Tuxera driver documentation as that's the only other specific set of steps I've seen regarding Win7 and ZCM imaging but does seem a lot of extra work (also can't see why I need the sidchange command if I'm using sysprep on my base image?)


    Delete all the partitions by using the img -pd command. For example:
    img -pd 1
    img -pd 2
    1 and 2 in the above commands correspond to the hard disk partition number.
    Create the partitions by using the img -pc command. For example:
    img -pc 1 -type=NTFS -size=100 -legacyntfs (for the 100 MB partition for Windows 7, or Windows Vista).
    img -pc 2 -type=NTFS (to restore the C:\drive)
    Mark the partition 1 as Active by using the img -pa 1 command.
    Restore images partition-wise. Restore the 100MB partition separately by using the legacyntfs switch.
    Restore the MBR on the device after restoration. Download the MBR file from the server and run the dd if=mbr_win7.bin of=/dev/sda bs=446 count=1 command.
    Run the sidChange -i command.
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