Hello Admins!

I want to migrate our 32bit sles 10.4 OES 2 SP 3 (fully patched) to the new 64bit OES 11 SP (fully patched, pre migration, all services installed that the oes 2 has) server, i read many Guides but i donīt know in which order i have to do it:

A Groupwise 8 Postoffice and NCP Volume (to NSS) have to be migrated.

The full backup is running at the moment.

1. Comes Groupwise 8 first? Do i have to install but not to configure it (because the configs are copied over)? At What moment do i have to Shutdown the MTA and POA on our Mainreplica to avoid problems?

2. Do i use metamig or miggui to copy over the Data (ncp to nss), will the rights be migrated too?