We are running Datasynchronizer 1.2.5 build 250 on SLES11 SP2. Almost every day (or at least every second day), the server stops sending messages to the devices. If I do a rcdatasync status, all 4 services are running. If I look at the Web Admin screen, the mobility connector is stopped. Clicking the start button brings back an error message (forgot to note it down but it complained about some missing xml code). I have to do a rcdatasync restart and things go back to normal.

We had an issue earlier that NTS helped us with whereas the mobility/attachments folder had used up all of the disk space. If it goes below 10% available disk space, it automatically stops the services. However, this is not the case for this issue.

I have looked at the log files and can't find anything to help me out.

Any ideas out there?