Greetings Everybody

I am relatively new to the zenworks world, I am sorry if I am not describing things correctly.

I have a Zenworks 11.2.2 MU2 running on Windows Server 2008R2, it queries a Novell 6.5 server for authentication.

Workstations are Windows 7 64 bit

No group polices. (i haven't even begun to figure that out yet)

I have a simple DLU policy applied to all users that *should* let them into any workstation.

What happens though, is that it works for the first few users on a workstation ... but then goes bazerk and doesn't allow other users to login (novell authenticates, but won't authenticate into zenworks to fire the policy)

I have tried patching the server to the latest MU2 -- and it seems to be good for a while, then comes back again where students report they intermittently can't login to a machine.

I am about ready to throw the whole zenworks thing away and deploy a Domain controller... please save me from going 100% microsoft!!

john turek