I`m wondering what the best plan of attack would be in moving a 11.2.0 ZCM primary to a new physical server.

This Primary currently runs on windows 2003R2 32bit physical server and needs to move to a new server which runs windows 2008 64bit server - the old will be decommisioned soon.

My question is - Can I install the new server as a primary in the zone and somehow transfer all that is needed over to it eg. all bundles, policies, content the lot plus imbedded sybase with the hope of in the near future removing the original primary from the zone.

Or is it that i create the multitude of required backups, shut down the old server, install ZCM on the new server and restore all that is needed - in words its general and appears too easy but I know in practise I`m sure there is a lot to it and is complex - is it needing to be this hard or is there an easy transfer method.