Sure, database backup is mandatory to have. But is there a way to get all needed info about ZCM setup as "hard-copy"?, I mean, for example -- to get a easy-way printout (into file) in readable (for human) format (pdf?) for a bundles containing all info about every bundle -- sysreq's, actions, associations etc.? I mean, when bad happen and there is no way to restore a database, so, at least You have about bundles all info You need to start again. Yes, same also about other settings.
When I imagine this kind of disaster to happen, first in my mind appear ... how can I restore all bundles. At this very moment I'm moving out from ZCM 10 to 11 (different subnets) and very good to have old ZCM 10 running as source for seeing how something is done, even there is left ... just a few devices.
Bundle export -- yes, it is something, but - as I understand - I must take a bundle by bundle by hand ... In ZfD, I recall, was a utility (I'm still running it, automatically!) against eDir which did collect all AppObject's and copied out into files. But really I mean more better formatted outputs. =)