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Thread: zenworks application window to open with windows 7?

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    zenworks application window to open with windows 7?

    Hi guys.....so this maybe something easy for most but im pretty new to configuring anything in Zenworks 11 so please bare with me. I'm driving my self crazy here. In our XP image the Novell application window opens when windows starts, and if memory serves me right it was as simple as throwing the NAL.exe file in the start up folder. For some reason with ZEN11 this isn't working for me probably because there is no All Users folder like XP had. Am I missing something here? I can't seem to find anything about this in any literature unless I accidentally over looked it.

    My other question is, we want to prevent users from closing the Zenworks Application window but allow them to minimize it. Where in ZCM11 are all the application window settings?

    Thanks a bunch!
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