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> Everything went fine till the last step: miggui - Transfer ID Error:
> Failed to execute others repair
> Im migrating a OES 2 Sp 3 to OES 11 Sp 1.
> Sadly i can`t find anything helpful about this error.

Several places too look and perhaps find the clue.
The miggui logs themselves are
/var/opt/novell/migration/projectname/log/migration.log (and others in
same folder) this should have been run on the OES11 system.

Check each server's /var/log/messages for any system problems that
could be hanging things up.

Check memory usage. Running out or too tight can cause all kinds of
free -m
Note that this shows 'now' stats, so if you are hitting a problem here,
it would most likely show best during the migration.

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