I installed the latest client for Win 7, CL2SP3IR1, and am having difficulties with the mapping of drives. Previously, I had installed CL2SP2IR5 and had no problems.

I have 3 servers, 2 NW6.5 and 1 NW5.1 all fully patched. I did the following tests:

I logged into Win7 as an administrator user. When I do this, there are no mappings to the NW5.1 server. It isn’t a matter of the 1st 5 or 6 mappings failing, it is an issue of which server is being mapped. The 1st 3 and the 5th mappings are to the NW5.1 server and these fail. The 4th, 6th and remaining drives are mapped to the NW6.5 servers and these succeed. In all cases, the NW5.1 mappings fail.

I then attempt to log in using the ‘Red N’ in the system tray. In this case, all of the drives map. If I look at one of the NW5.1 mappings (which had initially failed), it initially looks good. However, if you drill down 1 level, the contents of that directory are displayed as the contents of the entire volume instead of the contents of that directory.

I then logged in as a non admin user. When I do this, all mappings occur. However, when I look at the contents of one of the drives on the NW5.1 system, it is actually giving me another drive, SYS.

I have back revved to CL2SP2IR5 and all works correctly, so I don’t think it is an issue of my machine.

I tried using this client on a Win8 machine. I have not done extensive testing on this system. However, similar problems occur. None of the NW5.1 drives with explicit mapping are mapped. Errors are displayed, ‘The specified server is unknown’, ‘The following drive mapping operation could not be completed’, ‘The error code was 8884’. One of NW5.1 drives gets mapped as a search drive, but shouldn’t be. All of the NW6.5 drives are mapped.