This is a strange one
Windows XP SP3 Pro
Novell Client 4.91 SP5 IR1

We are using NMAS/UP

Last week the user (and ONLY ONE user out of 5000) was unable to login to the pc.

The helpdesk reset his password. User then is prompted to change password upon login.
He does.

Anyway, apparently any time the screensaver lockout kicks in, he cannot login anymore.

I even reset his password via iManager to make sure that UP would kick in.
I verified that the user could login (once he changed his password via Novell Client on his PC) and rebooted the pc 5 times. Each time he could login with the "new" password he set.

I then manually locked the screen 4 times and he could unlock just fine.

The next day, same issue:

Whenever the "auto-lockout" kicks in, he cannot log in. I see on DSTRACE/NMAS, that it's returning a "bad password". But it cannot be because it's the same password he uses to login AND unlock manually.


Any ideas?

I hate to resort to deleting the account (then we have to reimage his machine because the SID changes in AD and then the lockout won't work at all-he'll get one of those NMAS errors). In this case, he's just getting the "bad password" error.

It's *something* in eDir though because it happens on every pc that he uses, so I know it's not the PC.

I just cannot imagine WHAT in edir would only affect the AUTO-lock of the Novell Client vs. manually locking it.