I've noticed some intermittent issues with our ZCM Group Policies that I really need to get to the bottom of before we go live and wondering if anyone has experienced something similar...

I've got various policies set, to keep it simple I'm sticking with standard Windows usage i.e. User Policies applied to Users, Computer Policy to Workstations. There's 2-3 policies separated out, one for folder redirection, another for general Windows settings and a third for Google Chrome.

All policies show up in ZCM Agent properties with status Success, however if for example I open up Google Chrome I find the GPO hasn't actually applied and it's sitting there with default settings

I've made a bundle that runs gpupdate (user has cmd disabled by default so can't run it that way) and after that completes the policies then work correctly. This doesn't seem quite right as surely ZCM should be ensuring the policies are actually applied to the machine after downloading the settings?

I could bodge around it with a bundle to run gpudapte at every user logon but it's a bit of a kludge, is there another solution \ reason for this? Running ZCM 11.2.2.