Using fully patched OES 2 SP3

Find no entries in serverside iPrint logs when problems occur - strong suspect is the local XP Windows Print Spooler, but cant pin point what causes it.

Typically when a PC is booted in the morning none of the printers are at Ready state but says "opening..." - one restart more and all is well.

If the issue occurs during the day typically waiting a bit will bring the printers online again (Spool Service restart set default at 1 min for 1st and 2nd service stop). in a few occasions the wait will not do the trick (i suspect this is the 3rd spooler stop - here the default setting is do nothing)

Re-installing iPrint printers + iPrint client have not done the trick so far.
Looks like the WIndows 7 PC'es are not affected
Running latest version of Novell Client on both Win7 and XP SP3

Today: have removed iPrint printers + uploaded new drivers to the driverstore + removed drivers from local XP "server store" to get a clean start - did this on the 4 most affected XP's

Any insight appreciated :)