So apparently Adobe's "cache files" feature doesn't work so hot.
What we did was use ZCM to install the AcroPro.msi with a transform. From the content repo.
However, the default setting is to only keep the software in cache for X days. And it's like 1.5 GB in size, so we thought that the "cache" that Adobe is supposed to make would also be another 1.5 GB and could be used for repairs, etc. (like the MSOCACHE for Office).

Well for whatever reason, Adobe install isn't doing the cache right.

So I was thinking:
I could modify the ZCM Bundle and basically do this:
Create Directory C:\ADOBEACHE
Install Directory (re-upload all the stuff into the content repo) to: C:\ADOBECACHE
Install MSI from the c:\ADOBECACHE
and then delete my "old" install MSI action (which runs from the randomly named zmd\cache subdirectory).

Any other ideas?

I figure that way, the registry key is written that says: Adobe got installed from "here"
so that if the use needs to modify/repair the features it'll grab from ADOBECACHE (right now it tries to look for the zmd\cahe whatever directory which no longer exists).