I cannot successfully download files that are 4GB or larger from NetStorage on OES 11 sp1. If the file is 4GB then zero bytes are downloaded. If the file is 4.4GB then 0.4GB are downloaded. This looks like some sort of 32 bit unsigned integer bug... But oddly I can upload > 4GB files with some browsers.

I have tested with:
1. Chromium 27 on opensuse 11.4 (64bit) - Can Upload >4GB, cannot download >=4GB (it downloads the file modulo 4GB)
2. IE 10/Opera 12.15/Chrome 26/Firefox 20 on Windows 7 (64bit) - All fail (modulo 4GB) on download; IE 10 fails on both up/down; Chrome/Firefox Upload okay. Chrome is nice since it gives an actual percentage complete status whereas the other give no progress feedback.
3. Firefox 20 on Windows XP (32bit) - Cannot up/down >=4GB
4. IE6 on Windows XP (32bit) - Cannot up/down >=2GB
4.1 Microsoft has documented limitations in IE6 (2GB-1 byte max) and in IE7 (4GB-1 byte max). They say IE8 on XP has no limitation, but I have not tested it.

While it is clear that some issues are probably from the browser side (eg IE 6/7) it also seems possible that there is a bug in the NetStorage backend. It might be a bug in the code of java/tomcat or it might be tuneable knob (default setting) in apache/tomcat/java. If you know of any of these knobs please post - I've googled to no avail.