I currently have a single physical host running ZCM. We make heavy use of DLU and modest use of policies and bundles. Having a single physical server is not an ideal setup for fault tolerance. I've began looking into adding a second primary server on our vmware cluster. We're using the embedded database which won't replicate like Cisco does with its call manager databases for example. I don't think purchasing mssql licenses and running a small cluster for the database and having two primary servers is feasible.

What do I lose by having two primary servers with the embedded db? We're running the zenworks and db backups nightly. If I had two primary servers and we lost the first server(which contains the embedded db), would DLU still work? Ultimately, in the event of a serve failure, if I had DLU and people can still log in to the machines, I'd have some breathing room to build a new server and restore from backups.

Thanks in advance.