I am having periodic issues in which users report that the ZENworks Application Window is empty upon login. The bundles are shortcuts to run .exe files that are installed on the workstations, web url shortcuts, shortcuts to run .exe files on a network server. These bundles will not show up when there are or are not requirements for the bundle and does not depend on the user that logs in. I have the shortcut for the ZENworks Application Window in the "Startup" folder for all user in WinXP and in the c:\programdata\microsoft\windows\start menu\programs\startup .

What I have found that works to get the applications to re-appear for the users is to re-register the computer with - zac reg -g https://servername .

The particulars:
ZENworks version-11 sp2
ZENworks servers - four(4) primary servers; Windows 2008R2 sp1
ZENworks database - Windows 2008R2 sp1; SQL 2008R2 sp2
workstation OS - Windows 7 or WindowsXP
Windows 2008R2 AD domain

Any thoughts on why this happens?

Thank you.