I am needing to move an OES 11SP1 server to new hardware. This server is
used for quite a few things and I am concerned the migration utility
might not be able to move everything. The server is handling:

Novell DNS
traditional DHCP
master replicas for many partitons
NSS volume
CA for the tree
authentication source for Zen 11.2
NTP time source

Based on what I am reading in the docs, the DNS server has to be
manually moved using the java console prior to the actual migration. I
cannot find any docs on moving the CA but there's a TID that suggests
doing a backup/restore but it is a little dated. Does the CA get moved
as part of the migration/transferID?

The NTP, SLP, rsync and DHCP stuff will not be an issue.

Does anyone see anything that is going to cause me problems? I moved
iPrint off this server to a VM using consolidation and it did not go
smoothly, I am hoping the TransferID migration is better.

Buster Flynn
Sevier County Schools