I am running Groupwise 2012 on SUSE 11.2 VM.

I'm having difficulty receiving email from an outside source. This email is created in Groupwise 8. It is addressed on the "To:" header line to a Lyris Listserv and "cc:"ed to more than two dozen Groupwise email users that are local to the orginating site.

The problem is that my GWIA fails to process the email received from the Lyris listserver properly and there is a "Fatal error processing message" line in the GWIA log.

It appears that the Lyris Listserv software sends the email to my GWIA with an invalid "cc:" line in the header. This header line is > 1004 characters (which is incomplient with rfc2822). I suspect that is why the Groupwise GWIA will not process this email. I have subscribed to this same listserv with an outside email account (gmail). Using Pegasus email, I am able to receive this email but the "cc:" line is truncated to 1004 characters (and gmail web interface truncates it to 998 characters).

I realize that this appears to be a problem with the Lyris software. It shouldn't be sending out an email that violates the line length but I can't control that. Is there any way to configure the GWIA Agent to just have GWIA truncate this line and process the message normally?

Thanks for any assistance you can provide!