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Thread: Use of bundles for patching Flash, Java etc

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    Use of bundles for patching Flash, Java etc

    I know this sounds like a simple question from the title but bear with me

    I've pretty much finished our custom imaging system (basically a version of ENGL made up of Powershell and bash scripts) that includes a series of zac bin commands at the end to pre-load core software (e.g. Adobe Reader, Chrome etc). The idea of putting them in as bundles rather than on the base image is to allow us to update the versions as we go along so new machines can start off with the latest versions of the software.

    To do this I've got a series of bundles set up in ZCM with relationship set up to our "all devices" folder and install schedule set to "none" i.e. install manually via zac bin

    That's fine for installing at image time, question is how best to handle updates. I'm guessing some people use bundles and just put new versions of the MSI etc in, Publish and away you go? That will probably work for some software as I'm guessing in theory if a bundle is upped to a new version it'll try and install again which should then upgrade the underlying app (provided the app itself works that way). The problems I can see with this are...

    a) it might interfere with the imaging process=
    b) for awkward products such as Flash and Java browsers need to be closed etc for the upgrade to work correctly (seems to be a bugbear on ZPM as well judging from what I've read?)
    c) could be difficult to force upgrade some apps e.g. Flash, Java, Chrome

    I've had an idea to create some separate bundles purely dedicated to running updates. That way I could add any additional steps in to prompt users, kill tasks etc. Only problem I might have then is whether there can be confusion between the two bundles if one tries to Verify \ reinstall the wrong version.

    Has anyone got any suggestions on how you manage your software updates, particularly for software you need to push out pretty quickly as opposed for waiting for the user to launch?
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