We have been saving Outlook PST files on our network for years. We are currently working on upgrading PCs to Windows 7 64-bit, Novell Client 2PS2(IRQ5) with Outlook2010 and have been noticing PST file corruption. The XP Workstations (Novel Client 4.91SP2 & SP5) with Outlook 2007 are not having this issue with saving\modifying to the SLES10SP4\OES2SP3 NSS volumes. What I've found out on the web, looks to be a change in Outlook 2010 that MIGHT be the culprit, but that's not good enough for my boss. So is anyone experiencing this problem on their networks? If so, was there any solution? I have read for one solution to saving edited photos was to back the Client down to IRQ4a or 2. We are going to build a PC with IRQ4a to see if the problem goes away.