Running GroupWise 8 on Netware 6.5 / OES. Bit of an old setup, I know, but it's been working reasonably well until now. I've recently started getting an error message in ConsoleOne that my GroupWise administration version is older than the minimum allowed by the system administrator. I get that error immediately when I open ConsoleOne and whenever I try to connect to a GroupWise domain. Pretty much the only option I have under GroupWise System Operations is "Connect to domain" which gives me the error (everything else is grayed out). GW is still functioning properly for all the users, but I basically can not do anything at all related to GroupWise from C1.

I'm not able to restore a wpdomain.db backup because I wasn't aware of this problem until recently when I tried to create a new mailbox, and it has apparently been going on since before the oldest reasonable backup I can use. We haven't made any major changes to C1 or GroupWise recently, so I'm not sure why this just started happening out of the blue (checking help -> about snapins in C1 shows version 8.0.0 of all the GW snapins, which it should). Is there any other way to fix this? I've Googled it to death and haven't found anything particularly helpful. The only things I've found are "restore wpdomain.db" which isn't an option in my case or "go to GroupWise system preferences and disable the option to lock out older versions of the snapin" which also isn't an option since those are all grayed out due to the fact I can't connect to my domain. Any advice here would be appreciated.