I am trying to get the Pure FTPD software running with NSS volumes and virtual users on OES11 Sp1.
I have read the TIDs given in a previous post I found:
Pure FTP setup and NSS Volumes
Lum Enabling pure -ftpd
Cool Solutions Installing Pure FTPD

Thing is I am new to Linux and OES 11. We had a consultant migrate our Netware 6.5 system over so I am not comfortable with it yet. From what I have read is that I need to LUM enable the "ftpuser" from the installation. But I am confused as to how to Lum Enable the "ftpuser". It wants an LUM enabled Group and a linux workstation.

I already have a user in Edir called ftpuser as well as a group called FTPusers. Will the capitalization cause problems with the group name in Linux?
As for the workstation do I choose the Edir server or doe I choose the Edir Object call "server".workstation?

Thanks in advance for your time,