I have my production tree and a test tree, both sles11sp1/oes11. Have an SLP DA in my production tree and an SLP DA on my test box. The DA's do not exchange service updates (not set in config file). All my WIN7 ws's have the correct info set on the NWclient for tree, context, server. The SLP address is delivered via dhcp. I have a couple machines that somehow pick up the test tree for login and do not list the production tree in the available trees. When I run slpinfo on the ws's, it shows both trees slp's. My questions are:

How can I tell dhcp is actually delivering the slp address on the win7 box besides using slpinfo? ( I think slpinfo queries the network looking for slp da's)

As a work around, should I add these servers to each other's slp config as da's so the test box knows about the production tree services?

Thanks for any insight, don't want to isolate the test environment if possible.