I have Groupwise 8 (fully patched) running on a Netware 6.5 server (fully patched). Every time the POA restarts at midnight, it checks the Guardian database. Then at 26 seconds past midnight, it gives me a data base repaired message.

When I attempt to do an analyze/fix using the standalone GWCHECK, I get an 8201 on Guardian. Here is the exact error:

STRUCTURAL VERIFICATION of database ngwguard.db
- Error checking file Guardian, IO_ACCESS_DENIED (0x8201)
- Guardian was successfully recovered from backup

This process takes 1 1/2 hours to recover the database. I abort the process as soon as I get the 8201, but it takes 1 hours to stop.

I do know some things which are incorrect. My ngwguard.fbk is dated some time in 2004. My ngwguard.rfl is 24 meg. And my GUARDBAK ngwguard.fbk is also 2004. I know these things are wrong. When I investigated the 8201 error, it indicated that it could be because the owner does not exist. Well, that was true. The owner of some of my files was .[supervisor], this system is very old & has been updated thru many versions of netware & groupwise. I changed everything to .admin from .[supervisor] across the entire mail volume. I was hoping that this would solve the problem, but it does not. Something is still putting out messages owned by .[supervisor]. I have recently upgraded all of my nlm's to be owned by .admin as well as the groupwise software directory & the public directory. And yet, the new messages are arriving owned by .[supervisor].

I am not sure what the sequence of events is in GWCHECK. So, I am not sure where the analyze/fix is getting an error or what is causing the error. I see no other errors other than the one above.

I have several other NGWGUARD files which I am not sure of their usage. Following is a copy of the directory.

11/22/2003 03:45 PM <DIR> .
11/22/2003 03:45 PM <DIR> ..
04/13/2013 10:57 PM 1,798 0413CHK.LOG
04/14/2013 06:55 AM 1,020 0414CHK.LOG
04/15/2013 03:43 PM 766 0415chk.log
12/17/2008 02:46 AM 6,108 1130CHK.LOG
04/13/2013 03:02 AM 71,680 dmdd0108.db
04/13/2013 03:02 AM 38,912 dmdd0208.db
04/13/2013 03:02 AM 38,912 dmdd0308.db
04/13/2013 03:02 AM 77,824 dmdd0408.db
04/13/2013 03:02 AM 43,008 dmdd0508.db
04/13/2013 03:02 AM 45,056 dmdd0608.db
04/13/2013 03:02 AM 32,768 dmdl0108.db
04/13/2013 03:02 AM 32,768 dmdl0208.db
04/13/2013 03:02 AM 32,768 dmdl0308.db
04/13/2013 03:02 AM 36,864 dmdl0408.db
04/13/2013 03:02 AM 32,768 dmdl0508.db
04/13/2013 03:02 AM 38,912 dmdl0608.db
04/13/2013 09:58 PM 28,672 DMSD0008.DB
04/13/2013 03:00 AM 225,280 guard.DB
08/20/2005 07:18 PM 18,001 GWPO.BAK
03/23/2009 10:30 AM 19,122 gwpo.dc
03/21/1998 12:36 PM 15,828 Gwpo.dco
04/15/2013 04:03 PM 90,112 ngwcheck.db
01/31/2012 02:19 AM 86,016 NGWCHECK.old
03/08/2008 09:03 PM 113,209 NGWGUARD.BAK
04/15/2013 03:54 PM 225,280 ngwguard.db
04/15/2013 03:53 PM 225,280 NGWGUARD.DBA
04/04/2009 02:30 AM 102,648 ngwguard.dc
03/15/1998 06:22 AM 68,126 Ngwguard.dco
03/13/2004 09:00 PM 159,744 NGWGUARD.fbk
04/15/2013 03:53 PM 225,280 NGWGUARD.FBN
01/01/2004 10:00 AM 159,744 NGWGUARD.FBO
01/31/2012 07:45 AM 225,280 NGWGUARD.new
04/15/2013 03:53 PM 25,661,085 NGWGUARD.RFL
04/15/2013 03:53 PM 290,816 wphost.db
08/18/2004 10:23 PM 231,424 wphost.dbold
03/08/2008 09:03 PM 10,942 wphost.dc

As you can see. I have a .FBN & a .FBO file. The .FBN seems to be used during the GWCHECK.

Following is a copy of the flag for this volume:

Files DOS Attr NetWare Attr Status Owner Mode
0413CHK.LOG [Rw---A] [-----------------] .Admin.tci N/A
0414CHK.LOG [Rw---A] [-----------------] .Admin.tci N/A
0415CHK.LOG [Rw---A] [-----------------] .Maureen.tci N/A
1130CHK.LOG [Rw----] [--P--Di----Dc----] .Admin.tci N/A
DMDD0108.DB [Rw---A] [--P--Di----Dc--Ds] .TCI_COMM.tci N/A
DMDD0208.DB [Rw---A] [--P--Di----Dc--Ds] .TCI_COMM.tci N/A
DMDD0308.DB [Rw---A] [--P--Di----Dc--Ds] .TCI_COMM.tci N/A
DMDD0408.DB [Rw---A] [--P--Di----Dc--Ds] .TCI_COMM.tci N/A
DMDD0508.DB [Rw---A] [--P--Di----Dc--Ds] .TCI_COMM.tci N/A
DMDD0608.DB [Rw---A] [--P--Di----Dc--Ds] .TCI_COMM.tci N/A
DMDL0108.DB [Rw---A] [--P--Di----Dc--Ds] .TCI_COMM.tci N/A
DMDL0208.DB [Rw---A] [--P--Di----Dc--Ds] .TCI_COMM.tci N/A
DMDL0308.DB [Rw---A] [--P--Di----Dc--Ds] .TCI_COMM.tci N/A
DMDL0408.DB [Rw---A] [--P--Di----Dc--Ds] .TCI_COMM.tci N/A
DMDL0508.DB [Rw---A] [--P--Di----Dc--Ds] .TCI_COMM.tci N/A
DMDL0608.DB [Rw---A] [--P--Di----Dc--Ds] .TCI_COMM.tci N/A
DMSD0008.DB [Rw---A] [--P--Di----Dc--Ds] .TCI_COMM.tci N/A
GUARD.DB [Rw---A] [--P--Di----Dc----] .Admin.tci N/A
GWPO.BAK [Rw----] [--P--Di----Dc----] .Admin.tci N/A
GWPO.DC [Rw----] [-----------------] .Admin.tci N/A
GWPO.DCO [Ro----] [--P--Di--RiDc----] .Admin.tci N/A
NGWCHECK.DB [Rw---A] [-----------------] .Admin.tci N/A
NGWCHECK.OLD [Rw---A] [--P--Di----Dc--Ds] .Admin.tci N/A
NGWGUARD.BAK [Rw----] [-----------Dc----] .Admin.tci N/A
NGWGUARD.DB [Rw---A] [-----------------] .Admin.tci N/A
NGWGUARD.DBA [Rw---A] [--P--Di----Dc----] .Admin.tci N/A
NGWGUARD.DC [Rw----] [-----------------] .Admin.tci N/A
NGWGUARD.DCO [Ro----] [--P--Di--RiDc----] .Admin.tci N/A
NGWGUARD.FBK [Rw----] [-----------------] .Admin.tci N/A
NGWGUARD.FBN [Rw---A] [-----------------] .Admin.tci N/A
NGWGUARD.FBO [Rw----] [--P--Di----Dc----] .Admin.tci N/A
NGWGUARD.NEW [Rw----] [-----------------] .Admin.tci N/A
NGWGUARD.RFL [Rw---A] [--P--Di----Dc----] .Admin.tci N/A
WPHOST.DB [Rw---A] [-----------------] .Admin.tci N/A
WPHOST~1.DBO [Rw----] [--P--Di----Dc----] .Admin.tci N/A
WPHOST.DC [Rw----] [-----------------] .Admin.tci N/A

I dont know if the ownership by TCI_COMM.tci (server name) is causing the problem or not. So, I changed the ownership to .admin.tci & I ran another GWCHECK. Still an 8201 error as above. So, it did not help. The files owned by Maureen.tci are a result of the GWCHECK.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am attempting to solve these problems in anticipation of moving to a windows server.