We have been using Windows 7 for quite a while now... probably around a year and a half in our district. I don't have really any problems with getting the image onto the computer or the SID changing when it supposed to. However, the biggest concern and frustration that I've had is that within our network, Windows XP images would take on average between 5-7 minutes to deploy an image to a computer, and up to 10-12 minutes when imaging 20 or so computers at a time. Now, with Windows 7, a computer will take, on average, 35-40 minutes to image and 20 computers at a time will take around 50-55. That being said, no matter which option I use (optimized for speed, space, balanced or no compression), the time taken to image runs about the same amount of time. Is there any way to shorten the time to image by shrinking down the size of the Windows 7 image somehow? What have you all seen that pertains to this big difference between the two as far as imaging goes? Thanks in advance

-Justin Vasquez