Forums from different vendors/communities each have their own
personalities. Some forums have relatively few threads with hundreds of
posts per thread. In other forums, threads are routinely closed after a
period of time, after the issue has been resolved, after a product
revision, or for any number of other reasons. In some forums there is a
strong emphasis on points (e.g. which answer is the best?). We take a
much more laid back approach, apart from our almost paranoid approach
to SPAM, and for the most part I think it works well.

In Malcolm asked about closing a thread
and that got me wondering about our forum management policies in
general. Kim has provided guidelines for sticky posts and while we can
do almost anything from the moderator control panel *I* generally don't
simply because no one else has.

Are there any policies (or discussions that took place long before many
of us became KP's) that deal with some of these items?

When necessary, should posts be hard or soft deleted?

Under what conditions, if at all, should threads be closed? Is this
something we should consider doing?

Is there a policy regarding moving posts? I know there are sync issues
with vBulletin and NNTP.

There is little or no emphasis placed on reputation points. Should
there be?

Should we somehow publicly acknowledge the contribution of those
members (non KP's) who provide significant help to others (potential

Very few posts/threads are rated. Those that are seem to be viewed more
frequently. Should we be rating threads/posts to draw attention to them?

Do our policies apply equally to Novell, Suse, and NetIQ or should
there be different policies for each business unit?

I'm sure others have wondered about similar things. Perhaps some
discussion is in order?

Kevin Boyle
Calgary, Alberta Canada