No matter what I do I can't seem to get a successful installation of OES 11. First it was RAID driver issues not allowing boot off of a RAID-1 set. After getting around that now I am hitting issues when I get to the Novell Customer Center Configuration page. I put in the correct information but it fails to connect to due to the security certificate being untrusted. This prevents me from updating to SP2 during the install. I can get the configuration to complete by skipping that step then doing it after the install finishes. I have to open firefox, copy the url from the update screen, and add an exception for the certificate before it will allow the configuration to succeed. I've also run into another issue that prevents updating and causes a loop back to the configuration page. For some reason it added the USB flash drive where the RAID driver is to the list of sources for updates. I was able to get around this by removing that as well. Strangely this issue is also random and did not happen the last time I reloaded the system.

Back to the installation issues. After skipping the update I get the following:

Update fails to connect to during install
Updates can be installed after finishing install but only after opeing firefox, trying to go to the url, and adding an exception for the certificate for the site.

unable to LUM modify 'admingroup'
unable to LUM modify 'admin'

Followed by:

error 255 executing ns_update_proxy_cred

I've found this issue listed here but it doesn't give a solution:

Then I run into an issue where the system will not reboot or shutdown. If I am not logged in and click on either option it blinks the screen and does nothing. If I am logged in as root it will either bring up the shutdown screen and do nothing when I click on the options there (it will also do nothing if I let the timer count down to 0) or it will just blink and not bring up the shutdown options menu at all. Attempting to shut down from the terminal either does nothing or simply starts to shut down and reloads the OS like some kind of soft reboot.

Finally after updating the system today now I can't boot again. I am getting an issue similar to the one I had when the RAID divers wouldn't install. I'm guessing the update overwrote the drivers with ones not supported by the card. I'm a total linux noob so I really have no idea how to deal with most of this stuff especially when I can't even finish the install correctly to get to the files most of the fixes refer to.

Some basic info on the network. I have 2 existing servers in the tree one ins running Netware 6 SP5 the other Netware 6.5 SP8. There are only a couple of user and group accounts and most of those are inactive. I'm really the only user on the network and use 1 of 2 Admin logins. I'm basically adding the new server due to the 6.0 sever being on it's last legs. I'm looking for a basic Netware style file server with some simple web and FTP services nothing fancy.