Having tried imaging 16 machines with unicast yesterday I'm a bit concerned about how this method will scale out (by the looks of things badly) so need to try and get my head around multicasting for the base image at least.

I've found these documentation pages....

Novell Documentation

Novell Documentation

It suggests I should be able to automate the process but there seems to be two ways of doing it?

1) set off the session from the server and multicast a zmg file
2) set off the session from a master PC and image whatever is on the hard drive?

There's pros and cons for both but I can work with that, the issue I have is around this line

Limitations of Multicasting Images

One significant limitation of using multicast without installing any Configuration Management software is that it results in a set of devices that have duplicate network identities. The IP addresses (if the network is using static IP addressing) and device hostname are all the same and can cause conflicts if deployed on the network without change.

For a handful of devices, this might not be a problem. But for a larger number of devices, you should install the Novell ZENworks Configuration Management Imaging Agent (novell-ziswin) on each device before doing the multicast (see Section 2.8.2, Enabling a Device for Imaging Operations). The Imaging Agent saves the devices network identity settings before the multicast session and restores them afterwards.
Our imaging this year is moving from ZDM 7 to ZCM 11 so we don't want to carry any zisedit data over (in fact I put a zisedit -c command in the imaging script) but does that mean I'll end up with some form of duplicate ID in the image elsewhere?

The image itself is sysprepped so should generate a SID when it first boots, Novell Client and ZCM agent install via script at the end of sysprep so again in theory those should be OK and naming is also done via Powershell in sysprep so do those limitations not apply in my case?

Having also read that unicast looks to be limited to 32 sessions (max 32 PCs imaging at any one time?) I need to sort out multicast to have any hope of getting 2500 PCs done in the next couple of months!

Support | How many simultaneous connections does ZENworks Imaging Support?

Any info as always much appreciated