We are getting a pop-up notice when opening functions on the site that require Java, such as in a workspace when trying to upload a file using "Add File", saying that "The application's digital signature has expired". Looking at the certificate details, the subject of the certificate shows CN="Novell, Inc.", OU=Novell Products Group, OU=Digital ID Class 3 - Java Object Signing, O="Novell, Inc.", L=Provo, ST=Utah, C=US. Issuer of the cert is CN=VeriSign Class 3 Code Signing 2009-2 CA. Validity shows From: Tue Mar 16 20:00:00 EDT 2010, To: Tue Apr 16 19:59:59 EDT 2013. We are running Vibe Release: Novell Vibe 3.2.0 (Build 2529 / March 28, 2012). Has anyone else encountered this issue? If so, has anyone figured out how to update this expired cert?

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