After moving about sixty users to a new PO, I have one account that is still associated to the old PO. In the Console1 PO users view, the account is listed with the others. If you view the old PO, no users are listed. However, the GoupWise Properties tab view shows the user associated to the old PO. The other users show the new PO association. All user move statuses that were "move completed" were cleared. There is no move status for that the user in question.

When a gwcheck is run against the user. the following is reported.

************************************************** *******************
Uncorrectable conditions encountered:
---- -------------------------------------------------- -----
16 Users requested that do not exist on Post Office... 1
Correctable conditions encountered:
- No problems found
************************************************** *******************

The user is able to login to his mailbox, using the new PO address, and does not appear to be having any issues from a mail client perspective.

How do I go about fixing the incorrect PO association?