We upgraded from 11.2.0 to 11.2.3a last week. On the handful of machines that I upgraded the agent on, the RUN SCRIPT action will not launch unless you run it as a dynamic administrator. It does not generate any errors on the screen, in the Windows logs or in the Zenworks logs (neither the machine or server).

The action is set to 'define your own script' and is using .bat as script extension. If we copy a batch file to the workstation and change it to launch a script on the device it works fine.

Most of these scripts do drive mappings, so running as a D.A. is not an option - they must be run as logged in user. This is happening on both Windows XP and Windows 7 machines.

Anybody else seeing this? As I mentioned it is not an issue on our machines with the 11.2.0 or the 10.3 agents.

Thanks in advance,

Nick LaTronica
East Brunwsick Public Schools